Bets on shots on target at Mostbet bookmaker

Among the additional bets in the lines of bookmakers there are markets for the number of shots on target by the opponents. Most often, bettors bet on the team that hit the target more. We will talk about this rate.

Selection of teams for betting on shots on target

It is profitable to bet on those teams that set the task of completing each attack with a shot on goal. There is a rational grain in this tactic. Firstly, the chances of a goal increase, and secondly, after the strike, the defenders have more time to return to their own goal.

What are the best teams to bet on strikes? First of all, the middle peasants with pronounced forwards, focused on the goal and a few midfielders who prefer to shoot on goal from any point. They have a set blow, which allows them to hit even from very long distances.

German teams for betting on shots on target

It is useful to focus on German clubs in European competition. The tactics of the game of the Germans is to constantly beat. And I must say that many players of the German clubs delivered a blow. How many goals have Bayern scored when there is a simple throw-in from an out to a forward who skillfully takes a round, after which he delivers an accurate shot?

A myriad of goals from long distances and after finishing. A striking example of the style of play of German clubs is the friendly match between Bayern and Real Madrid. The arrows indicate the number of shots on target by the opponents:

We see that despite the equal score, the advantage of the Munich team in terms of shots is more than 2 times. This once again confirms the fact that it is profitable to bet on the teams representing Germany in the international arena.

Teams with more possession

As a rule, teams that have more possession of the ball hit more. Therefore, when choosing teams for betting, you should pay attention to the percentage of possession of the ball. The higher it is, the more likely it is that the opposing goalkeeper will enter the game more often, the opposing players will have fewer opportunities to shoot.

However, the opponent's style of play should also be taken into account. It may happen that the opponent does not see the point in a lot of possession of the ball, but at the same time hits the goal more often. This also happens sometimes. For example, Atlético Madrid don't have much possession of the ball. But he has two formidable forwards, Griezmann and Costa, who are often supplied by the flank midfielders. Mattress covers' attacks are fast and often culminate in blows. Therefore, it is very profitable to bet on the advantage on the blows of this club.


When choosing teams for betting on their advantage on shots on target, the main focus should be on the game scheme. In this case, teams with the following game features are suitable:

1. The game is played with one or two forwards;
2. Attackers strike at every opportunity;
3. Most midfielders have a long-range shot;
4. The emphasis in attack is on medium and short passes;
5. In most meetings, there is an advantage in possession of the ball.

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