How to stick the murals correctly

Wall mural in the house is a great way to decorate the interior of any room. Tampon printing machines can apply drawings of any size and texture. The main task of the person who performs the pasting of walls with photo wallpaper is to observe the order of operations performed. Before the size of the room allows, collect the entire drawing or at least part of it. This will mark on the wall the place of gluing certain parts of the picture. On the other hand, it is easy to calculate the places where the murals must be partially or completely cut. The next step is the marking of the wall. If you glued wallpaper before, then simple marking is enough. All you need is a pencil, a long ruler, an alcohol level or a plumb line. Having retreated from the corner for several millimeters (up to 5mm), draw a vertical line through the entire wall. It will serve as a guideline for all other panels of photo wallpaper. If you are not sure, then use the complex marking, which includes the application of all cells of the photo wallpaper on the wall. This will take more time, but will simplify the pasting of the wall for beginners. There is a consistent marking on the photo wallpaper panels themselves. If you used the ordered printing of photo wallpaper or printing on polypropylene, then numb the panels yourself (since it is convenient for you). With alternate gluing the panels, a whole drawing should be obtained. The task is to be simplified even more if you also transfer the numbering from the photo wallpaper to the wall, in the same sequence. Pre -expected glue apply to the wallpaper. At the same time, do not let them get wet very much (gaps are possible). The paper is saturated very quickly, so immediately after spreading, glue the parts of the picture to the wall. By the second row, parts of the photo wallpaper are glued to the end, after preliminary fitting. After that, they are carefully rolled out by a roller to remove the remains of glue and smoothed. If you can’t do without an overlap, then try to minimize the distortion of the picture. In such places, the joints must be smeared more carefully. Remove the remnants of the squeezed glue with slightly soaked cloth. The main confidence in your actions and a strict sequence is overlaying the photo wallpaper. The rhythmic and balanced work of two people in just 3-4 hours will give a result in the form of a beautifully designed wall in one of the rooms of the apartment or house. Sports betting on bilbet in India

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