James Gwee

” Halo, saya James Gwee. Profesi saya sebagai pembicara seminar, trainer dan motivator. What about Merry Riana? Well, she’s a wonderful person to begin with. Ya, hatinya sangat-sangat positif. Maka dari itu di setiap seminar, di setiap training, di setiap talk show yang Merry hadir pasti dia berikan yang terbaik. Karena yang dia berikan sungguh-sungguh dari hatinya. So, when somebody delivers from the heart, you can feel the positive energy. And where there is positive energy, there is positive impact. That’s why Merry can impact so many people, that’s why Merry can change positively so many lives because it comes from the inside. So Merry, once again, congratulation for all the good work that you are doing and please, on behalf of all of us—trainers, motivators, and seminar speakers—continue to do the good work, continue to impact lives, continue to change lives. “

Aku & Merry Riana – by Andriani
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